Magic Cards

There are tons of packet tricks, gaff decks, trick decks, and regular cards!

Here are some samples:

Stripper Deck

Svengali Deck

Invisible Deck

Cheek to Cheek Deck

Mirage Deck

Rising Card


Marked Deck

Black Tiger Deck

Vintage Deck

Shadow Masters

Black Ghost

Tally Ho

Fan or Circle Back Deck

Karnival Deck

Ultra Gaff Deck

Ghost Gaff Deck 

Giant Bicycle Deck

Red Gaff

World Heavist Bicycle Deck

McConmical Deck

Cartoon 1 and 2

Kids Kards

ESP Decks

Bee Deck

Kaj Deck

Twisted Sisters

Alien Autopsy

Strange Travellers

Colour Monty

Call of the Wild



Static Charge

NFW Deck

Moving Point

Ultimate 3 Card Monte

Kundalini Rising

Cigarette Through Card

Humer Card

Crazy Mans Marked Deck

Smiling Assassin

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